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Who We Work With
A wide range of people benefit from Pamela’s professional coaching, including:
  • Professionals - Sales reps, loan officers, financial consultants, realtors, trainers, therapists, consultants and medical professionals like doctors and dentists who want to work on upgrading their clientele. Professionals who are ready to better focus their efforts to make more money and are ready to identify their unique selling points.
  • Executives and Managers - Executives wanting more effective communication skills, higher productivity and better overall results. Managers who are responsible for the success of a sales team, branch, or division and who need to reach quotas and targets. Professionals who want to learn the art of coaching their team to work together and satisfy their goals.
  • Entrepreneurs - Highly-motivated individuals who want to increase sales and profits. Entrepreneurs who want to turn their companies around or take their business to a higher level. Business owners who want to delegate more effectively, have a sounding board for new ideas and live a more balanced life.
  • Individuals who want more out of life - Anyone who is ready and committed to work for greater professional success and a more fulfilling, higher quality of life.
  • Corporations - Companies that want to ensure the short-term and long-term success of their managers, salespeople and executives.


  1. You must have a minimum of 5 years experience in your profession.
  2. You are willing to invest a certain amount of time, energy and money to getting the results you’re looking for.
  3. You must be coachable. Click here to take the coachability quiz.
  4. You are willing to try things outside your current comfort zone.
  5. You can both take direction and take decisive action.

If this fits you, we can work together successfully. If you do qualify then click here for a free, introductory High Performance coaching session.

Click here to read about what clients are saying.


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