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"Pamela has been instrumental in shaping and enhancing me. She has taken me further then I thought possible and has stretched me in ways that I didn't know existed. Before starting with Pamela I was not sure what direction I would go in with my business and because of that I was not servicing as many clients as I could handle. As a result of working with Pamela, my income has increased exponentially and my client list has tripled. Also, my relationships with my business partners, friends, spouse and kids have all hit new levels. On a personal note, as a bonus of working with Pamela, my health has improved tremendously; let’s just say I've lost 25 lbs… If you're looking to get results and achieve them fast, Pamela is the coach for you."

- Brian E. Arnold, Financial Consultant, World Financial Group, CA

“Before I started working with Pamela, I felt like I didn't have a lot of direction in my business. I recently opened my own branch, working on my own, and must be very self-motivated and organized. I am the boss, secretary, cook, chief bottle washer, etc. Being organized in my business is very important, because if you aren't, your production will suffer and you will lose business. I needed someone to help me stay focused on my goals and help me keep organized. Pamela has helped tremendously in this. I also have accountability now as well. This increased structure has helped me a lot … Over the last year, Pamela has helped me double my income. I think everyone needs this type of relationship with someone to help him or her keep on track towards what they want to accomplish. I still have a long way to go, but I know Pamela will be with me to help me get there (wherever "there" is!!)." If someone had told me a year ago that I would have a goal of making $40,000 (or even $80,000) per month in my business, I would have told them they were nuts. I see now how it is very attainable, and with Pamela's help, I will institute the systems I need to attain this goal."

- Guy Keith, Mortgage Specialist, Ameristar Lending Group, CA

“With the help of Pamela, I got promoted to a new position that required many new skills. Working with Pamela to set goals, develop a plan of attack and take action has made all the difference. Pamela has the ability to read situations across industry lines and break down issues to manageable steps allowing you to conquer them week after week. With Pamela’s guidance and persistence, I was able to set specific career and personal goals, envision myself meeting those goals and then conquer them. Within weeks of starting the program, I was achieving great results and setting the bar higher. The High Performance Coaching System™ works! The techniques I learned from Pamela are invaluable, easy-to-implement and will immediately provide results. I highly recommend her as a professional career and business coach.

- Mel Ruffini Construction Executive, Senior Vice President, New York, New York

"Wow, it's amazing how three months of working with Pamela have dramatically improved my life. … Not only did I achieve my goals at work very quickly, but I also came away with added benefits I didn't expect. I was able to incorporate our coaching into every aspect of my life. I now have a new-found energy and confidence that was missing for a long time. I have more time in the day for work and play. My relationships with friends and family are more enjoyable than it has ever been. If problems, arise I simply use her coaching techniques to solve them without getting stressed out. Pamela's passion for life, professionalism and unique style has given me a new outlook on life. Her coaching is priceless."

- Ed Korenz, Sales Manager, Coleman Buick, NJ

" I'm very excited with Pamela's coaching and have seen many results occur with my team as a result of her coaching … Sponsoring is up, but more importantly, more guests and more three-way calling is up, creating momentum in our business. This business is about getting appointments and that is where I am seeing the most growth. Our team is more confident, making commitments and following-through. On a personal note, with Pamela's help we are now spending more time on the things that produce income and less time wasted on those people in our group who stall momentum. Pamela is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her."

- Maggie Marigliano, Excel Communications Senior Director, Top Performers Group, NJ

“When you think of great coaches, the name Pamela Dunn will surely be mentioned as she literally transforms people before your very eyes. With me she took an average everyday person and molded me into an overnight success! She literally put the fire in my belly and a burning desire in my heart, to want more out of life! If she can do this with me, just imagine what she can do for you; the limits simply blow me away!”

- Arthur Buchanan, CEO Out of Darkness & In The Light Press, Ohio

”Just a note to thank you for my coaching call. The questions you asked helped me to zero in on the problem that I was encountering in my business. I was then able to analyze the problem, see how it began and recognize the steps needed to solve the problem. Your coaching is great!”

- Elaine Gibbons, Remax Real-Estate Broker, New Jersey

"I'm happy to recommend Pamela Dunn to you. Since the first initial consultation, I felt I was treated like her most important client. She has always done what she said she would do, she has gone the extra mile, and she has always been on time and attentive every time we've spoken. Before working with Pamela, I had one heck of a scheduling problem. Work piled up in stacks, phone calls to return, emails to answer, you name it. Within just a session or two, Pamela helped me gain focus, prioritize my work, and manage my time so much better. It has been time and money well spent. "

- Frank Garon, President/Internet Cash Planet, New York

“Being in the financial services business for fifteen years, I was financially comfortable, but realized I needed help to get to the next level. Pamela has provided that help by keeping me focused on the "prize", delegating more, setting goals that stretch but goals with a plan on how to achieve them. When you are financially comfortable and the boss, who are you accountable to? Pam provides that accountability! A pat on the back when you need it, a kick in the pants when appropriate. I have also found her to be a valuable sounding board for closing those big cases, rehearsing those critical "closing" lines that can make or break the sale. She has provided important phraseology that made a difference! By mid-year, I will have exceeded the sales numbers of my best year ever of a fifteen year career! If you think a coach might help, don't wait like I did. Pam is worth her weight in gold!"

- Luc Quinson, Financial Planner, Cowan Financial, New York

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