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This fun, but constructive game will help you identify in a matter of minutes the areas of business and your life that need your immediate attention. They will begin to shape what will soon develop into your Action Plan For Success.

To complete the wheel, you can either print the wheel from this page, or you can draw a circle on a piece of paper, divide it into twelve sections, and then label each section as you see on the Wheel of Business Success below.

How To Play:
Rate yourself from 0-10 in each of the “slices” of the pie and put a corresponding dot in each piece of pie. Imagine that the center of the circle is "0", and the perimeter of the circle is "10". On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being completely dissatisfied, and 10 being completely satisfied), indicate on the wheel what your level of satisfaction is for each area. Next, connect the dots. Be completely honest with yourself. You’ll have a strong indication as to what is and is not working in your overall performance.

In an ideal world, after we connect all the dots, we would all have something resembling a perfect circle. Imagine that the wheel you created is the wheel on a bicycle. If this bicycle was what was driving your business or career, what shape would you be in? Would you be going very far?

Most likely, there are some areas in which you are very satisfied -- right close to the edge of the circle (a 9 or 10), and there are other areas in which you are less satisfied -- closer to the center of the circle (maybe a 1 or 2.)

What do you notice? Would you like to be achieving better results in certain areas?

If your “wheel of success” is bent out of shape and not taking you where you want to go, don’t worry. I can provide the professional help you need to become more efficient and productive, so you can move forward quickly! Contact me, Pamela Dunn, at (201) 818-3343 for a free telephone consultation today. Or e-mail me at Pamela@PamelaDunn.com. Together, we can take your life further than you could every dream!


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