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How we work

Pamela allows only five new people to become clients each month, so she can provide the best service possible. She primarily conducts one-one-one coaching sessions over the telephone, which gives her clients greater flexibility and convenience. Coaching calls are scheduled for 45 or 55 minutes each, depending on the individual needs of the client. Most clients work with Pamela once a week, (sometimes more or sometimes less) depending on how quickly they want to get their results.

Between scheduled calls, Pamela keeps in close contact with her clients by email and fax. This allows them to keep her updated on how they’re progressing with different strategies or projects. It also lets them get quick answers to questions that can’t wait until their next coaching call. All client information – whether submitted by phone, fax or email – is kept confidential.

During coaching sessions, Pamela works with clients on their goals and objectives until they achieve the desired results in each of their specified areas. She offers tools, support and encouragement to help them move forward to higher levels of excellence. She also helps clients eliminate non-productive factors that have kept them from achieving the results they want.

Pamela helps her clients gain more focus in the areas that will make them most successful. And by having the increased dedication and personal support they need to get them on the “fast track,” clients start achieving their business goals quickly.

Pamela’s High Performance Coaching System™ includes these and other features:

  • Unlimited e-mail interaction
  • 5 minute check-up calls in between scheduled sessions
  • Unlimited faxing
  • You will have regular set appointments to discuss your progress
  • Accountability to give you extra focus
"Since the first initial consultation, I felt I was treated like Pamela's most important client. She has always done what she said she would do, she has gone the extra mile, and she has always been on time and attentive every time we've spoken. Before working with Pamela, I had one heck of a scheduling problem. Work piled up in stacks, phone calls to return, emails to answer, you name it. Within just a session or two, Pamela helped me gain focus, prioritize my work, and manage my time so much better. It has been time and money well spent."
-Frank Garon President/Internet Cash Planet, New York

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Examples of Goals You Can Achieve Through Pamela’s Coaching

  • Boost your income, sales or profitability
  • Communicate more effectively with co-workers, employees or bosses
  • Gain a greater sense of awareness, so you can anticipate and prevent problems that slow your productivity, cause stress and waste energy, time and money
  • Stop letting lack of money, clutter and demanding people drain your energy
  • Identify strategies for handling procrastination at work and home
  • Shift into an exciting, new career
  • Get better organized/Manage your time better
  • Effectively balance your professional and personal life
  • Land the promotion you’ve always wanted
  • Start your own business and be your own boss
  • Break self-destructive habits that undermine your success
  • Create a happier, healthier life
  • Communicate better with people at your work place and create great relationships.
  • Improve your ability to persuade and influence others

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